Contrasting Images Surrounding Autumn

Acres of plump orange pumpkins surrounded by rows of sunflowers-- dried and wilting. Random corn stalks left standing alone in harvested fields surrounded in rows of stubble. Truckloads of potatoes and row upon row of so much more waiting to be released surrounded by endless fields of kale and cabbage, carrots and brussel sprouts in [...]

Autumn Jewels

- Gold leaf necklaces Layered perfectly around the birch trunk - Matching set of dangling yellow gold hanging like earrings from its branches - Rustling in the breeze - Head covered in copper colored silk scarf clouds Dressed to dazzle Autumn bejeweled ©Belindabotzong2017

Autumn Grace

The sun is slower to rise and quicker to set as October takes a strong hold on autumn, leaving the Indian summer in its memories Rainfall in the night freshens everything, leaving the grass and lingering flowers damp and the stillness in the air clean and moist. Giant cumulus clouds gather like storybook illustrations, filling [...]


Change is good Change of pace, whether slowing down or speeding up Change of seasons, leafs, winds, activities Changing of the mind, routines, hearts Changing the furniture, bed sheets, wardrobe Changing careers, places, habits Habits and traditions can be good or bad, depending on the "why". Does she do that tradition just out of habit [...]


There's that lull between the sun sinking and the glow of the sunset that's filled with anticipation of the majesty about to fill the sky. It's when the sky goes pale and a brightness slowly lights behind the clouds and you just know it's gonna be glorious. I raced across town as the sun was [...]

Silver Lining

Fine silver veil of first frost glistens on blades of grass - Thin silver-lined clouds stretch across pale sunset sky - Towering silver mountaintops rise high above the hills and valleys - Bright silver full moon pours its harvest light over all the world - Every day has a silver lining - ©belindabotzong2017

Party Time!

Sun rises ever so slowly into palest blue sky with edges tinged in pink - October threw a wild party in the night - Flower petal snowflakes and Maple leaf confetti strewn all around the carpet of green lawn - Daisies wilted to half mast - Hummingbirds chatter across the way and insist on sipping [...]