Morning and Evening

5am. Perfect stillness. Shades of gray fill the sky completely. No rays of morning sunlight just a weak awakening of another day. No breeze, no sounds except dripping misty rain falling lightly on weary summer flowers. Clicking hummingbird unexpectedly appears, lighting on the dead branch of the elderberry high above the house looking into the moist misty distance for his next sudden flight.
Cool evening breeze after humid heavy sultry day. High white fluffy clouds racing slowly in unison toward the east as the sun drops ever so lazily into the bay waiting to be extinguished for another day. Daisies begin their unfurling at a slow meticulous pace awaiting just the right moment to reveal brown faces in a sunshine shaped bud. Hummingbirds click and buzz to and fro one after the other delighting in all things fragrant or red and content to rest in the top branch of the giant maple awaiting the next burst of energy to gather sweets from lavender and crocosmia stopping briefly at the feeder hung just for their pleasure. Never tiring of their endless game of high speed racing and chasing filled with countless chirps and clicks. The pink roses fade against the garden fence raining petals from time to time creating summer snow. Sweet peas dance in the breeze releasing their candied fragrance while bright orange nasturtiums reach their open faces toward the sky for one last glimpse of the sun.

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