Perfectly cloudless sky of pale blue edged in transparent pink sunset. Starless and moonless evening settles into stillness of summer night. 
Barely moving harbor seal peaks beneath the gentle ripples of evening tides. Gulls call out remembrances of their day in flight and head into nesting areas for rest. 
Mist lightly hovers between Lummi and Orcas with their outlines etched into the fading blue sky. No breeze this night as the water gently sways a lone gull determined to get one last bite before sleep calls. Boats head into harbor and the brine scented shore calls sailors back to firm footing. 
First star suddenly appears above the western slope of a pale blue canopy high above the horizon. It twinkles and shimmers its tiny light calling to others to make an appearance in the twilight sky. 
The leaves are still and no wafting current of air is felt as the sky gradually darkens calling an end to a glorious hot summer day 

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