Sunrise Sunset 

Darkness fades into the brightened eastern sky as sunlight returns to bring another cloudless day. First chirps break Stillness of morning and hummingbird dancers begin their warmup. Stretching and twirling in the coolness then resting again in anticipation of another day spent flitting and racing through the trees, between the houses and up over roofs in their frantic ballet. 

The edges of yellow pink sunrise fade into the deep blues of heavens canvas. 
Creamed streaks spread high and thin coating the evening sky awaiting sunlight’s final dip into the sea. 
Hummingbird clicks and chirps a final melody chasing his beloved across the sky and through branches anticipating restful nesting. Finding one last taste of lavender and roses and Hydrangeas wearing lacy blue caps and purple Pom Pom buds. 
Daisies await closing time covering their round brown faces in petals of gold. 
Sun bursts into flaming clouds streaking the sky with gray smoke-like wisps and bids another day adieu. 

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