Lovers in Watercolor 

Fingernail moon tinged in pink hangs high over the bay and bids the setting sun farewell. Heavy breezes lift and release splashing waves. Watercolor strokes paint billowing sails on a backdrop of blue hued islands etched into the horizon. 
Two gulls tango over deep slate colored tides rolling into the harbor. A red sailboat with crisp white sails turns back toward open water for one last roll in the waves.

Rose scented breezes blow over the park bench where two lovers lean shoulder to shoulder speaking softly of bittersweet things — past, present, future. 

A thousand times they have graced this spot to ponder, to plan, to work it out, to sit silently watching that ever present and familiar view but never growing weary of its sameness. Never growing weary of each other.

Content to love and be loved. Comfortable in the silence or the sounds. Holding hands and reminiscing. Thankful to live in such beauty and their precious peaceful glorious life. 

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