Birds and Bees


Sapphire dragon flies join the dance of the hummingbirds quickly turning and twirling and kissing the flowers. 

Intoxicating sweet lavender and crocosmia nectar on their tongues allows an uninhibited show of delightful flight. 

Hovering  overhead in a call for attention to their impassioned dance through the trees and flowers and into the clear blue abyss of morning. 

Frenetic honeybees race from bud to bud as half moon rises high in the endless summer sky. 

Streaks of golden sunset clouds run parallel with the horizon.

 The heat of July’s farewell tribute subsides into a still coolness providing relief from the coming heatwave of August. 

The hummingbirds put on their final act of the day scolding one another for taking center stage as one then two then three chase each other into the end of another beautiful day. 

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