Wings of Morning


Hummingbird propels himself up and over in frantic acrobatic maneuvers from bush to tree to flower. In tandem and in singleminded flight he joins and parts with the objects of his affections. He hovers then sits then in an instant he returns to his frenetic pace as she chases him once again. Their chirping and clicking draws attention and delight.

Butterfly gently glides, never in a hurry. She lands ever so carefully then white wings like feathers quietly move her from flower to flower to taste and smell the delicious fragrance of rose and lavender and hydrangea and nasturtium and sweet peas. Her silent journey draws attention and delight.

Honeybees bounce from bud to bud in a mission to gather the sweet nectar for their queen. The hum and sizzle of their translucent wings fills the garden with a feeling of anticipation. Their buzzing energy draws attention and delight.

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