If Nature Was A Woman

If nature was a woman she would wear a shiny sapphire gown drenched in glittery diamonds and edged in bright white lacy ruffles. She would be accessorized by the smoothness of rippled sandy shoes and innumerable stones. Her hair would be white and puffy and always changing directions and textures. Her fragrance would waft with lilies and roses mixed with salty air. She would be exquisite and strong and unmatched in beauty and strength. 
If nature was a man he would wear deep emerald shirts with rough brown jeans. His feet would be adorned with stumps and fireweed. His hair would be windblown gray and streaked with sunlight.  His fragrance would be wafts of cedar and pine and fresh soil.  He would be steady and strong and majestic.

If nature were a child it would wear a whimsical rainbow array of colors and patterns of iris and hydrangea and petunias and gladioli and covered in polka dots and stripes. It’s hair would be of wispy fuzzy feathers.   Its fragrance would waft of sweetpeas and lilacs. It would dance freely and whirl and twirl at the sight of the sapphire dressed lady and the emerald dressed man and they would all lift their hands in abundant joy of praise to the creator of such splendor.

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