He Gull She Gull Romance

He Gull swoops and soars 

She Gull dips and glides

Along the shore they ride the wind like waves in the sea below
He Gull chuckles and chortles as he swoops and soars

She Gull sings and cries in her high pitched whistle as she dips and glides 

They call out to each other as they ride the winds like waves in the sea below 

He Gull stands quietly upon the boulders waiting to catch a breeze and swoop and soar once more

She Gull bounces gently with the tide as she waits to catch a breeze that will make her dip and glide once more. 

He calls to her from the shore and she leaves the waves behind. They swoop and soar and dip and glide in the breezes along the shore. Together they chortle and chuckle and sing and whistle in their seagull romance. 

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