Winged Visitors 

Ungraceful flight of brilliant Blue Jay 

lifts his wings and rests in oak branches 

then jumps from place to place 

before continuing on his clumsy flight. 
Rolling flight of tiny sparrows 

seems to glide over hills of air currents.

 They lift their fluttering wings together 

and rest on the fence top 

then take flight for places unknown. 
Zipping flight of manic hummingbirds 

lift their whirring wings 

and race from tree to fence to bush 

and back again in constant flight. 
Flapping wings of three ducks 

heading north in synchronized formation

Silently they pass by 

stretching their necks and wings toward their evening resting place. 
Wobbling flight of a solitary bumble bee 

carrying his overfilled belly of nectar 

back to the hive. 

He stops to rest on the red umbrella 

before lifting his invisible wings for his final flight. 

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