Sunday Morning Refresh 

She stayed up late and slept in Sunday morning, waking up refreshed and renewed, unlike most days when it’s late to bed and early to rise to rush off to work. 
Sunday paper on the front lawn filled with the latest news of hurricanes and hope for poor people building homes and arguments about tributes to civil war era people and ads for everything under the sun. 
12 cup coffee maker filled with rich wake up smells and liquid comfort beeps to tell her it’s time…She pours her cream and adds a little coffee and heads to the back deck where it’s still cool enough, before the heat of the day takes over. 
Stopping to look up she smiles at clouds arrayed across the sky in a blanket of feathered angel wings…stops to listen to what creation speaks today. 
Hummingbird lovers tango over the neighborhood zipping and chirping and greeting the day. 
Sounds and smells of neighbors sharing spicy oniony breakfast over cheerful chatter in a foreign tongue. 
She finishes the paper then the final chapter in a book, updates her blog and blends a breakfast smoothie, greeting her freshly showered life-long lover in a kitchen embrace. 
Sweet refreshment of Sunday morning. 

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