Playground Birds

Little sparrows use the elderberry bush for a jungle gym, hopping from branch to branch, sassing one another –my turn, my turn!

Little hummingbirds race around their imaginary track flying at top speed in a never ending chase, showing off and calling out to one another, catch me if you can!

Little robin all alone pacing slowly looking at the ground for a friendly worm and looking all around wondering why all the other birds have to be so annoying! Quiet, quiet, she chirps to herself.

Big burly blue jay quietly appears. He preens and struts and watches everyone watching him and calls out for attention with his deep voice, look at me, look at me!

Big lonely seagull, just looking for one friend to hang out to fly along the shore, to gather fish and crabs and clams. He stays silent until another appears and his rusty voice calls out, you wanna be my friend?

Big buff crow puffs his chest and brags incessantly, picking up food scraps and opening garbage cans as he bullies the rest of the bird playground with his incessant warning, its mine, it’s mine!

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