I am currently in Bible Study Fellowship where we are studying the book of Romans. Chapter 1 reminds us that worshipping nature is not right. God uses his creations to draw us to knowledge and proof of his existence. Never confuse the art with the artist!

Belinda Botzong

I am so thankful for the beauty and richness of nature. God’s imagination has no bounds in creating beautiful and intricate and strange and amazing patterns and shapes and depth of color and texture. The vastness of creation is infinitely intriguing. To sit and ponder it all is beyond words in a blog. It is a deep and abiding blessing that brings me closer to the heart and mind of God.

Just think about how many thousands or maybe millions of types of bugs, fish, mammals, birds or invertebrates there! And each one has its own shape or pattern, voice or distinct features. To think He took the time to paint tiny dots on ladybugs backs or that some things are only seen by him — under the sea mysteries, things underground, and microscopic things.

This is only a tiny thought in the vast universe of creation and it is…

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