Autumn Grace

The sun is slower to rise and quicker to set as October takes a strong hold on autumn, leaving the Indian summer in its memories

Rainfall in the night freshens everything, leaving the grass and lingering flowers damp and the stillness in the air clean and moist.

Giant cumulus clouds gather like storybook illustrations, filling the sky with their puffy beauty, and hiding the face of the sun that brightens their edges, then moving past to reveal the bright blue autumn sky, until covered again moments later by another drifter.

Birds chirp and click and sing their joy as they flit and fly and hover in the fading garden. Glistening iridescent green hummingbird feathers tremble and a magnificent bald eagle soars high above, his bright white head revealing him against the stark blue sky.

Creation sings and buzzes, flaps and soars, and stands in silent awe as October graces us with all the beauty of autumn.

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