Change is good

Change of pace, whether slowing down or speeding up

Change of seasons, leafs, winds, activities

Changing of the mind, routines, hearts

Changing the furniture, bed sheets, wardrobe

Changing careers, places, habits

Habits and traditions can be good or bad, depending on the “why”. Does she do that tradition just out of habit without thought to the deeper meaning? Does it provide some kind of stability or predictability or a safety net. Is that habit a ritual that creates a routine, providing security, protecting, even comforting? Could it be a lack of faith, a measure of control, or some deeper response to a past trauma?

Change requires us to take chances, trust, make a leap of faith. It’s stimulating, invigorating, scary, faith-building, causing us to rely on God rather than ourselves, to encourage one another, and to build the structure of our own history and our own future.

Fear of failure, fear of the unpredictable, fear of the loss of control may keep us from change, trying something new, or moving forward out of habits and rituals and traditions.

I love change.


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