Contrasting Images Surrounding Autumn

Acres of plump orange pumpkins surrounded by rows of sunflowers– dried and wilting.

Random corn stalks left standing alone in harvested fields surrounded in rows of stubble.

Truckloads of potatoes and row upon row of so much more waiting to be released surrounded by endless fields of kale and cabbage, carrots and brussel sprouts in shades of purple and green.

Pouring rain and thunderous morning skies surrounded by storming seas; then suddenly –Pure blue afternoon filled with puffy white clouds and gentle breezes.

Piles of dried birch and alder and maple leaves surrounding fully green trees not ready to let go.

Snow sprinkled like powdered sugar on highest dark hilltops surrounding apple trees heavily burdened with red ripened treasures.

Autumn days contrasting as the pull of harvest season leaves summer far behind.


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