He is so romantic

He calls

He knocks

He loves to hear me talk

He sends poetry

He talks in a soft voice with words only I can hear

He brings me flowers- millions of varieties in a palette of colors that delights my eyes

He paints pictures across the sky that is his canvas in a never ending array of color

He is patient and kind and loves me to death

He loves animals and children and cute things

He loves the ocean and the stars and gazing at the moon

He loves a cozy rainy day and a hot bright blue sunshine filled day

He is always with me and he makes me laugh and cry

He is never too tired or too busy to listen or spend time with me

He provides for all my needs and blesses me with things I want

He always wants the best for me and he holds my heart in his

He tattooed my name across the palm of his hand

He is perfect in every way


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