Pondering Infinity

How many words have been written

How many more still to write

How many thoughts and ideas have poured from our hearts and minds

How many more to be thought

How many colors, from subtle to brilliant to magnificent have the eyes seen

How many patterns and shapes and textures experienced by fingertips and sight and still there are more to be seen and felt

How many raindrops have fallen and returned in never ending cycles of seasons

How many waves have crashed on this specific spot of the earth and yet more are left to meet the edge of the beaches around the world

How many giggles have been heard and experienced and delighted and yet there is more laughter to come

How many tears in all of history have fallen in panic, in distress, in joy and yet the fountain of the eyes and heart knows no end

How many sounds have been spoken in word or created by industry or poured out from a forest of far flung places and yet there are still words and noise and beauty to be heard

How much light has poured out over the earth, inside a home, under the covers of a little child reading into the night and yet the light returns day after night after day

How many prayers have reverently been offered, fervently been repeated, or desperately been screamed and yet there is a never ending need and want for more

How many hours and seconds and days and years have passed and yet we are promised eternity in the presence of infinite love and pure bliss



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