Filled With Thanksgiving

Tastes and smells

Herbs and spices

Mixed with smooth and creamy

Tart and sweet

Crunchy and crumbling

Golden and delicious

Bellies filled with iconic food

Sounds and sights

Faces and voices

From near and far

Gathering together



Clinking of silverware on heirloom plates rarely used

Toasts made with wine glasses filled with sparkles of fruit

Mingling and remembering

A day of reminiscing

Making new memories

Cameras clicking

Photo albums opened

“Remember when…” begins a thousand sentences and leads to a thousand well known stories being retold

Grandparents, aunts, cousins

Gathered around a festive table

Filled with a feast created with love

A gathering of grateful hearts

Blessed by a gracious God

Filled with love and memories

Happy Thanksgiving


(I am thankful to all of you who have read and followed and been blessed by this blog. I wish you all a very blessed day)

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