It’s that time of year


Rivers of depression rise and flood over their banks

Gray torrents of currents

Raindrops pour down


To fill the mind with puddles and mud


Clouds fill the thoughts with slate and gray and white and black swirling twirling clouds

Chasing one other around the mind

Fighting a battle to envelope hope and cheer


As long as possible


The winds of irrational thoughts howl and whistle and buffet

Pressing and pushing then pulling and twisting

Words from a loved one warm and refreshing

From self cold and bitter


Waves of emotions rise and crash and spray

Thoughts match ideas in slate and gray and white swirls and twirls

Chasing one another toward the edge of insanity

Tumbling out

Losing more energy


The mind sways and waves and twists

An incessant dance with the thoughts

Pouring down tears that still remain

To flood the soul once more in a blanket of gray

The only color remaining


Northwest November


This is dedicated to all who struggle with seasonal affective disorder and other mental health issues. I am sorry you suffer and pray you find peace and hope and comfort in Christ –for you are his child.

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