Sunrise Artist

With the sky as his canvas

He holds a palette of light and moist vapors in the crook of his right elbow

He uses his breath to pour out subtle hues on the edges of clouds formed by his left hand

He strokes the sun to ever so slowly lift its light and he calls forth the morning

He stands back and admires his handiwork and lets it slowly transform

He adds shimmering tones of violet and lavender in multiple layers then sprinkles it all with the golden light that pours from his puddle of sunshine

He swirls a finger through his masterpiece to scatter clouds across the eastern horizon

And touches the tips of the mountain range with sparkles of gold and silver

He blows a gentle breeze across the pristine blue water that pours from his artist’s enormous brush to become the rippled bay of sapphire

He fingerpaints the distant islands into the edge of the vastness of the sea

Smudged outlines far in the western sky

He tips his head back and lets a delighted laugh fill the sky with birds then turns his head to see the perfect spot for his deep pink and purple crocus to be placed among the flowerbeds waiting to be awakened at the sound of the artist’s voice

He paints with wild abandon in every shade and tone and hue

His heart pours its fullness into details unseen by anyone but him

He sets his palette aside to admire his creation

And submits another sunrise to the gallery of eternal mornings, pleased at his handiwork

He sighs and starts planning for a brand new sunset


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