Spring’s Beauty Pageant

First up

Early bloomer

A real show stopper

Last snowfall graces her pretty purple petals

Her name is Crocus

Hope of winter’s passing

Next up we have

Tall and graceful with ruffled lace adorning her yellow head

She sways in chilly breezes

Often drenched in rain

Bright sunny disposition never diminished

Her name is daffodil

Delight of spring

For our next contestant

Highly regarded and coveted around the world

Simplicity at its finest

Dressed in jeweled hues

She really knows how to draw a crowd

Her name is tulip

Promise of glorious days

Coming up next we have a regal beauty

Timeless and treasured

Her delicate blossoms gather in heavy bunches

Dressed in various hues of white, pink, and purple accented with jade accessories

She knows how to attract an audience

Her name is rhododendron

Promise of summer days ahead

And for our final contestant

A blushing beauty

Most delicate and desirable

Her fragrance and beauty melts the heart of everyone

Her wardrobe is vastly varied and imaginative

Her name is rose

Anticipation of beautiful futures

It’s nearly impossible to pick a winner when so much beauty abounds. Peonies and daisies, sunflowers and nasturtiums and so many others will write the poetry of nature this spring.

We are down to our final five contestants. As they parade through the gardens announcing the arrival and departure of the season of hope, let’s take a look once more at the top five. Will it be rose in her royal finery? Will it be the more delicate daffodil? The breathtaking rhodie? The surprising crocus? Or perhaps the timeless tulip. As they make their appearances in succession over the coming months you can choose a favorite or you can love them all. Enjoy!!

There we have it folks. Let’s have these lovely ladies take a final bow as we await the judges decision -which of these will be crowned and win Spring’s Annual Beauty Pageant?


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