Two haggard men

Bent backs and stubbled chins

Shuffle down the sidewalk

Intent in conversation


And I wonder

What are they talking about?

How cold it was sleeping outside last night?

How good that coffee was at the free coffee stand they just passed?

How they are tired of the rain?

A cough or aching joints?


Two preteen girls

One swaying with her right arm around the branch of a full-bloom cherry tree

Far from the others on the playground

Giggling as they converse


And I wonder

What are they chatting about

The latest phone app?

Their math homework assignment?

The cute boy over there?

The kid who eats lunch alone and picks fights?


Two men at a cafe table

Dressed in business casual

Hair neatly trimmed as they dine on fresh fish

Speaking loudly as one monologues about Work and stress and traffic and commuting

Then family and faith and procuring an analyst for an open position.

Selling a house and amused the owner of the new house wanted to keep the bird bath


And I wonder

What’s the other guy thinking?

The stock market has been good?

Business has been booming?

New grand baby on the way?

Or maybe awaiting the results of a medical test he had done yesterday?


So many conversations

Surround us all


Happy news







Tune in


Share a burden

Rejoice with success


Life is all the same no matter the conversation


Life is hard and good and unpredictable and beautiful



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