Seeking Serenity

Construction noise overrides the ripples of the river

Traffic sounds pulse over the chirping birds

I long for silent serenity

Not deafness to the world around me

Not solitude that separates me from loving Or creates insensitivity to the needs of others

But solace in the sitting and pondering and praying

Waiting for a peaceful surrender to serenity

As if I were the river with deep undercurrents of creative, passionate, and inspired ideas

As if I were the boulders in that river –strong, sturdy, solid — taking all the pressures and letting them roll right over me as I redirect their path

As if I were the pine tree planted beside that river with my feet steady, towering over the troubles that flow down that river, standing strong against the ever changing winds and enduring the storms that strengthen but don’t harden me

I find peace and serenity in the ever flowing, ever strong, and ever steady, continuous river, as it pours over boulders, surrounded by trees and mountains and I am compelled to praise their creator.


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