Such is Life

Life – Family – Relationships


Theirs – Moving forward

His- Stagnant

Hers- Ending

Theirs – Exciting

Hers – Adventurous

His – Struggling

Hers – Suffering

A cycle of plans, dreams, hopes, hopelessness, loss, opportunity, future, past

Youth, newlyweds, bachelors, middle aged couple, elderly woman


Changing jobs, changing locations, sticking it out, sticking together, changing


Loss of health, mobility, power, choices

Grief, loss, joyous celebrations


Mundane days, restless nights

nights filled with passion

days filled with tears

moments filled with laughter


One turns into the other

What’s next is set in motion

Decisions, disagreements, consensus, conflict, forgiveness, best wishes, farewells, condolences


Hard, challenging, rich, beautiful


Real, crushing, freeing, liberating


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