Day 3 — Israel 2018

We slept so good last night! No jet lag. No fuzzy brain!

Went to an amazing breakfast buffet in our hotel. Piles and piles of food. Beautiful healthy food.

Then we started walking. We walked a lot. It’s our only free day til the ending. We walked through Tel Aviv to the mall then stopped for smoothies st a juice bar. Savannah had a green drink and I had the most delicious açaí bowl ever made!

We continued along to find the outdoor market. It was absolutely awesome! Like Pike Place only way more stuff. Fruits and veggies galore. Passion fruit. Dragon fruit. Figs. Nuts. Pastries. Candies. Spices. Olives. Big blocks of tahini with any number of flavors. Pomegranates as big as a child’s head. Shofars! Yes indeed I can buy one here! I’ll Wait to get to Jerusalem though.

People. Lots. People speaking Hebrew, English, German. People are very young here.

We walked along the promenade back toward the hotel and watched people from a bench. There is exercise equipment along the beach. People in Tel Aviv are very beautiful and very fit. So many runners and bikers. Motor scooters and motorized skate boards.

I bout a pita from the outdoor market and we headed back to our room

We changed into beach clothes and picked up towels at the pool and a chair and headed to that beautiful sand. The water was warm as I dipped my toes into the Mediterranean once again!

Savannah went off in search of falafel and I stopped in the gift shop and bought a bracelet of crystal with Hebrew blessing that says Listen, Israel! There were lnany choices. The eye. The Hebrew letter. The hand. All symbols of blessing for Israel.

When we returned to our room I took a long nap. Ah so refreshing!

We went to the buffet for dinner and feasted on all kinds of roast vegetables, salads, beef, chicken, and olives. And of course there were desserts galore.

After dinner there was a group meeting for all who are going on the tour. Our guide is Yonthen –

Very knowledgeable and kind. We took a bus up to Jaffa – there is a mosque, Catholic Church, and the Jaffa gate. Jaffa is where Jonah and the whale took place. And were the apostle Peter stayed with Simon the tanner in Acts.

And now for a good six hours of sleep before we hit the road for our next stop– Cana where Jesus did his first miracle and Megiddo where he will do his last miracle.


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