Day 5- Israel 2018

Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee started our day. The waters so peaceful and the breeze so refreshing. We are staying at the Leonardo hotel which has perfect views from our deck.

After a huge buffet breakfast we took the bus to the opposite side of the lake and went on board a wooden fishing boat. We were welcomed aboard with The Star Spangled Banner as the hung the American flag beside the Israeli flag. Then they played some contemporary Christian music as we were steered around the lake. It’s beauty is so much like Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington that I had to remind myself where we are! This is the place where Jesus walked in water. Where he called his disciples and where he spent so much of his earthly life. It was warm and sunny and pretty much perfect!

My eyes were filled with tears at the thought that my mom died two weeks ago and she would have loved knowing we were experiencing history live!

No photos to share due to super slow internet.

Sunny and high 70s

When we returned to shore we rode up to Caesarea Philippi where we could see ancient ruins of caves dedicated to the different Greek Gods. This is also the place where Peter and Jesus spoke about building the church.

We traveled along the Lebanese border to the Golan Heights and stopped in Tabgha at the site where Jesus fed 5000

After lunch consisting of falafel and salad we went to Capernaum which is the town of Jesus-/ where his ministry is centered.

We went to a museum with a fishing boat in display that dates to the first century.

We headed to the Mount of Beatitudes where a beautiful church has been erected. Our guide. Yonathan has done a good job keeping the scriptures relevant to what we are seeing.

And our final stop was Magdala – the city of Mary Magdalene. This was really touching to see first century ruins and a brand new church that has amazing paintings depicting several moments — the woman who touched jesus’ robe and was healed. Jesus walking on Water.

It has been a long day with lots of stops and starts. So absolutely beautiful


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