Day 6- Israel 2018

It’s morning on the Sea of Galilee

We kept the door open all night to have that gentle breeze wafting over our room. It’s warm and there are so many birds singing it sounds like a symphony with the ripples on the lake playing in the background.

I woke up suddenly at 2:30am from a dream I don’t remember but the reality of my mom being gone from this earth shook my soul. Though I know she is in the presence of the savior, who spent his life in the surrounding hills and water, I can’t fathom that I cannot tell her about this trip we are on.

I sat out on the balcony under that bright shiny moon and twinkling stars looking down in this famous body of water, trying to imagine Jesus going from this very spot. He preached, selected his disciples and lived his earthly life right here. Right where I am. It’s powerful.

I read half the book of Matthew while I was feeling restless. Seeing those ancient writings with this perspective is powerful.

Today we are heading to the Dead Sea. We are booked for Massage services later in the day. Some in our group are going to be baptized in the River Jordan today. That will be powerful stuff too! And of course I plan to float in the Dead Sea and experience the refreshing minerals.

Tomorrow we leave for Jerusalem. We found a shofar in Caperneum but decided to wait for Jerusalem to buy one!


One thought on “Day 6- Israel 2018

  1. I can only imagine. As I read your words I am flooded with the power and love of the Lord. Thank you Belinda for sharing your journey and heart with us. Such a Spiritual experience. The massage and Dead Sea sounds so refreshing too!! Love you.


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