Day 6 cont. Israel 2018

After another generous buffet breakfast we headed out – me with a runny nose and beginnings of a cold. That’s when it’s good to be traveling with Savannah, who has tinctures and remedies! Double dosed on elderberry tincture and lozenges.

We left the Sea of Galilee behind and headed to the River Jordan. Several people in our group of 35 decided to get baptized. As our fearless leader Yonathon is Jewish he found a pastor from one of the many groups and he did the dunking. A majority were catholic so I think they have never had an immersion. Next to us was a group of Brazilians who were very vocal and singing and shouting with each of their baptisms. It was quite a joyous occasion. The river was a beautiful emerald green and quite beautiful.

This is not the same place where John baptized Jesus. The river in that area is more like a ditch and full of sediment so the place we stopped is an organized place where there is a place to rent a white robe and towel and they issue certificates. Savannah and I washed our feet in the river.

At a gift shop I got honey for Nicki and date palm syrup for me and a bag of coffee for my hubby.

After this was all finished we headed to an area with Roman ruins dating back to BC. It was only uncovered in the 1980s and has the public bath house, amphitheater and bathrooms.

It was really hot today- up around 90. The air is dry and it gets quite difficult for some of our older travelers to walk around. But they are hanging in there!

We then traveled south along the border with Jordan and into the West Bank. You cross checkpoints going out but not coming in. We were waved through without any issues. We stopped in a place where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. We watched a brief film and went out to see the caves where they were first found by a 14 year old boy.

We continued south and the change in terrain became stunning. Huge, massive piles of rock mountains that look like they could crumble with just a sneeze. Miles and miles along the Dead Sea with the only real vegetation being acres of date palms. We saw the mount of temptation where Jesus was tested by Satan. We saw the caves in the mountains where David and Saul hid from one another.

We finally arrived at Herrods resort right on the Dead Sea. Just in time to get to our spa service we had ordered. Mine was a full body salt scrub and Massage followed by a jacuzzi tub soak. It was amazing. Savannah had a mud wrap and Massage.

It got too late to go float in the sea so we will arise at 5 tomorrow and go straight down to the beach before we take off for Jerusalem at 8.

Now we have eaten from another stunning buffet dinner with a huge population from Ukraine and Europe staying here as well. Our hotel is beautiful and luxurious and now I’m so sleepy I can’t say any more today!

I can’t add pics as WiFi is slow but trust me // it’s all amazing!!


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