Day 7 – Israel 2018

Today started very early with a 5am walk into the Dead Sea. We were the only ones out there as the sun rose slowly. To go into the Dead Sea is like nothing else on earth. It was a little cool but as we gradually made our way in up to our knees we adapted. When we got waist deep Savannah said “It’s happening!” As you lift your feet you quickly go right into your back and start floating! It’s the craziest sensation – almost like wearing a life vest– you can easily turn over and over and be careful not to flail! It was so amazing! Like an ocean of lotion! So smooth and silky. We picked up hands full of salt and exfoliated. We gathered some salt and rocks to keep as souvenirs. It was magical.

After 45 minutes we headed in for showers then another breakfast buffet. We met our group and headed north to Masada. This is where Herod had a palace high above and the ruins are amazing. You should google it to learn the miraculous story!

It was very hot – in the 90s. We took a gondola up over the ruins then toured the vast walls and buildings with the most beautiful view of the Dead Sea.

We had lunch there and continued on toward Jerusalem. As we came out of the tunnel Yonathan played an old song about the city. It was powerful to see that city on a hill. We drove up to the mount of olives and toured the church at the garden of gethsemane. That too was very emotional to see the olive trees and the rock where it’s said Jesus prayed so hard that his forehead was bleeding.

We then walked down a very steep street to where it is said Jesus wept for Jerusalem. To see all the churches and the Temple Mount from the mount of olives was very moving.

Our bus then took us up to the Dung Gate. We passed through a security check point and went to the Wailing Wall. So many people and so many prayers pour out if that Wall daily. It’s very spiritual.

And now I’m exhausted and looking forward to a deep sleep before we head out tomorrow for Bethlehem!!

Once again no photos as the internet is soooo sllllooowwww


One thought on “Day 7 – Israel 2018

  1. Thank you for your description! Even with no photos I can see it! Looking forward to seeing the pics later though. You guys will return “Glowing” with love, joy and peace I am sure of it!

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