Artist’s Vision Statement

I write based in the setting of early 20th Century Pacific Northwest, taking the experiences of those who left behind clues through journals, newspaper articles, the census, and various documents, to create stories based on true experiences.

I want to inspire ordinary people to share in the beauty and hardships of the lives of my characters who were also ordinary people, living in extraordinary circumstances and times.

I want readers to recognize the timelessness of our existence.  While circumstances may drastically change, the basic elements of our lives do not.  We all experience joy, grief, loss and love.  We share in the memories that are common to every generation, yet are experienced in totally different ways.

I want readers to see the consequences of the choices people made in th past, both positive and negative, and be inspired in their own choices.  I want to show how intertwined we are though we may be geographically, generationally, and historically separated.

I want to compel others to see and use the experiences of the past to empower their future and encourage their present.

I want to show the impact of the forces, beauty, and details of creation and nature on our lives through essays, poems and prose, and ultimately an entire set of novels.