Morning Revelations

Beachwalk at sunrise. Ocean pulls back its ruffled edges to reveal intricately etched patterns in the sand. Tide pool reveals a kaleidoscope of soft green and pink anemone, crusty white barnacles, smooth gray clams, and orange and purple starfish clinging to the monolithic Haystack. Soft silver veils of thinnest clouds reveals morning light over the [...]

Starlight Delight

Infinite diamonds spread across a black velvet galaxy-- Sparkling, twinkling, glittering jewels in creation's exhibition. Shooting stars streak across the Big Dipper in an unexpected meteor shower over the moonless endless sky and vast blue Pacific Ocean. Feeling small and finite and insignificant in the infinite vastness of breathtaking beauty. Knowing the one who flung [...]

Beach Day

Beach DayBeach chairs -- bright blue and green -- pondering place Beach towels -- bright blue and yellow stripes-- afternoon nap Beach toys -- bright red and green and yellow -- sand castle tools and flying kites. Beach people -- in stripes and bright clothes and flip flops -- blowing in the wind Beach birds [...]


Breathtaking MajestySunrise tinged clouds over a roaring blue ocean. Low tide reveals ocean treasures of sand dollars and seashells. Stones and wood smoothed over ages and tumbled onshore for the first time to be discovered by an early morning stroll. Voices of a thousand seagulls rise from the choir stand that is Haystack Rock. Breathe [...]

Silence Broken

On a backdrop of cream puff clouds a Canada Goose trio breaks the silence of early sunrise. Flying in pointed formation the leader calls out encouragement to those falling behind.  Pale blue skies brighten quickly and sounds of a new day begin. Giddy hummingbirds and swift sparrows begin their daily rituals sending greetings to their [...]

Twilight Starlight

Cotton patchwork quilted clouds shift to reveal twinkling treasures. Evening star sparkles in deep blue velvet twilight. Gentle breezes whisper through the maple leaves and lift the sweet fragrance of summertime over sleeping birds at rest ending another summer day. 

Wings of Morning

WingsHummingbird propels himself up and over in frantic acrobatic maneuvers from bush to tree to flower. In tandem and in singleminded flight he joins and parts with the objects of his affections. He hovers then sits then in an instant he returns to his frenetic pace as she chases him once again. Their chirping and [...]

Waning Summer

Waning SummerWaning moon hangs high in clear aquamarine skies filling slowly with the promise of another spectacular sunny day. Heavy dew lays a refreshing blanket over wilted sweet peas and brown grass longing for rain to revisit. Lavender tinged sunset clouds line the horizon of a perfect twilight sky. Dusk falls as the joyful song [...]

Diamond Sea

A sea of shimmering liquid diamonds ripples toward the harbor filled with sparkling sunlight moving gently on the breeze. A sailboat cuts through leaving a wake of tumbled wet jewels in its path. A gray lady gull calls out as though in distress while the white and silver males call back in a chorus of [...]

Music of Morning

Music of Morning Half moon hangs straight above chased by Jellyfish clouds tinged with hues of sunrise. Hidden nest of baby birds harmonize in the perfect stillness of a new day. A sparrow, a hummingbird and a crow provide backup vocals and a songbird repeats its warmup stanza. Elderberry blooms have turned to tiny round [...]