Symmetry of Life I've been thinking a lot about the symmetry of life from beginning and ending.  When I had a baby 25 years ago there was a constant need for my attention; he relied on me to be present, available, devoted.  His very life depended on me and I loved him with the deepest, [...]


Passion - By Ella Higginson Red, wet lips and passionate eyes That would draw an angel down from the skies Or those that would lift us up—they’re so true— Now which would you choose if I were you? Tender eyes and clinging hand, And a soul that one never can understand Or passionate eyes and [...]

Sunset Land

  Sunset Land - Poem by Ella Higginson  1890- Good Housekeeping   How still it was amid those dark, old trees That dropped fir needles on our wide-stretched tent What long, dim, ghoulish shadows curled and bent About our door, stirred by each spiced breeze While night stole to us o’er the broad, blue seas [...]

George Turns 5

1911- March George spent most of his waking hours outside and barefoot whenever possible, and covered in dirt.  On the morning of his big day, turning 5 years old, he was up early because he smelled the bacon frying and it was Sunday!  This was gonna be a good day!  He ran into the kitchen [...]

A mother’s heart

1906 September *Story- Lizzie Early on a dappled September day she takes her three boys down the dirt road surrounded by oat fields on both sides.  The light in early fall and the crisp morning air soothe her soul in such a way that nothing else can.  She carries Earl on one hip and a [...]

Leaving Nebraska

February 1900 Leaving Nebraska – Upon arrival in Skagit Valley The advertising of the Northern Pacific Railway brought in 2000 new residents in a month Papa bought four tickets and Willie rode along for free.  The cold January wind blew my hat down the dusty platform just as we boarded.  My eyes watered, not for [...]

Birth on the Prairie

Lizzie’s tiny frame was barely able to hold the weight of a full-term babe as the time came to give birth there in that unseasonably warm (meaning not freezing) Nebraska winter night of 1900.  As she began the first urges toward birthing, her own howls mixed with those of ever-present January’s winds.  Together with her [...]