Rinsed clean and refreshed by gentle nighttime showers. Breathe in deeply as breezes blow the freshly cleaned air of a new summer sky. Giant cotton ball clouds move rapidly by as a gleaming white headed bald eagle on blue canvas sky glides with currents of wind, circling, watching and waiting. Refreshed.

Wind and Waves

Rose scented winds lift wings of swirling gulls, crying out their pleasure at the quickly changing currents. Mounds of colorful rose hips hang heavily, rippling in the gusts. Strong, cool breezes push against smokey clouds as skies clear slightly to reveal long hidden islands and mountains surrounding the churning bay. Crashing gray green waves rolling [...]

Evening Stroll

Long graveled shady path meanders alongside a thin lazy creek toward the bay. Piles of pine cones and falling leaves line the edge of the path. A stand of ancient peeling birch reveals the bark beneath their stretched white covering. Ducks and geese take respite in the muddy shoreline of the calm inlet. Rising tide [...]

Shades of Gray

Hummingbirds race in tandem to wake the world with their constant chatter. Feathered green bellies blending with the peony and oak and raspberry leaves as they come and go, back and forth, splashing color on shades of gray. Heavy smoke-filled clouds veil the brilliance of summer skies for another day. Dark slate waters reflect multitude [...]

Stillness of sunrise

Sun rises to another day hidden in smokey clouds. The heavy moist morning dew cools the dry brittle grass and blankets the fragrant sweet peas and brilliant hydrangeas. Stillness and peaceful silence as nature takes a deep breath before starting another hot summer day. Birds begin their chorale with little warm up chirps and trills [...]

Sunday in August

Sun weary flowers and grass refreshed by a cool morning breeze. Remnants of dried leaves and overgrown daisies lay in a colorful pile creating a mosaic of green, brown, and yellow. Smokey skies slightly clearing to show a tinge of blue behind the thick grey layer of marine air mixed with drifting remnants of distant [...]

Smokey Summer Day

A large flock of Canada geese disappearing into the haze. Thick gray smoke-- blanketing the islands, bay, and sky, filtering the blistering sun--everything appears in shadow. Ornate bright red and orange and yellow and green rose hips hang in heavy clusters. Hot pink rose petals filled with yellow bursts enticing fat black bumbling bees to [...]

Sapphire dragon flies join the dance of the hummingbirds quickly turning and twirling and kissing the flowers. Intoxicating sweet lavender and crocosmia nectar on their tongues allows an uninhibited show of delightful flight. Hovering overhead in a call for attention to their impassioned dance through the trees and flowers and into the clear blue abyss of morning. 

Evening Frenetic honeybees race from bud to bud as half moon rises high in the endless summer sky. Streaks of golden sunset clouds run parallel with the horizon. The heat of July's farewell tribute subsides into a still coolness providing relief from the coming heatwave of August. The hummingbirds put on their final act of the day [...]

Pristine mountaintops covered in brightest white reflecting perfectly in a deep blue lake. Breathtaking majesty. 

Emerald and jade forests surrounding crystal clear veins of glacial waterfalls. Hovering bees and tiny birds enjoy the view over the maze of trails. A dusty road leads to a high precipice. Still deep pure glacier water hesitates slightly, pausing before becoming torrential rushing waters crashing far below on its constant pull toward the sea.