From Broken Bow to Bow

1900 - Lizzie Up on Colony Mountain, about a mile from our farm, there is a commune of socialist people who are trying their best to live together peaceably.  It is called the Equality Colony.  When we were in Nebraska we often shared in the going on of Equality through their weekly newspaper, Industrial Freedom.  [...]

Our Lady of the Rock

Our Lady of the Rock   Nuns in rubber boots Driving tractors Burying the dead--sister, farm animal Running errands Catching the ferry Shopping at Walgreens, Costco Selling their wares -- jewelry, pork, cheese Living on the Rock Sharing graciously They have dogs for pets Mother, sister, prioress Someone's daughter Choosing a life of hard work, [...]

Glass Beach

Glass Beach  Walking the hardened path -- an old railway bed covered in asphalt leads to a series of sandy labyrinth trails down, down, over enormous rocks that make up the edge of the earth Arriving in a little cove covered in small pebbles  Glistening with jewels spilled here over the decades Sparkling in the sun, hues [...]

Symmetry of Life

Symmetry of Life I've been thinking a lot about the symmetry of life from beginning and ending.  When I had a baby 25 years ago there was a constant need for my attention; he relied on me to be present, available, devoted.  His very life depended on me and I loved him with the deepest, [...]