My evening

The kayak club cleared the beach with gusto heading out to dinner with friends, home, or even a vacation in Montana was announced with glee. He has a cabin in the sawtooth mountains where he plans to hike and relax for the last weeks of summer break. The dinner cruise droned by after a tour … Continue reading My evening


Multi layered, Multi faceted Unseen layers Private thoughts Personal goals Hopes and dreams --- Hidden layers Hurt and loss Grief and memories Love and hate and passions subdued --- Intricate layers Ideas and inspirations Fears and triumphs Aspirations and ideals --- Outer layer Designed and scarred Unique and beautiful Ingrained with the fingerprint of God … Continue reading Layers

Filled With Thanksgiving

Tastes and smells Herbs and spices Mixed with smooth and creamy Tart and sweet Crunchy and crumbling Golden and delicious Bellies filled with iconic food Sounds and sights Faces and voices From near and far Gathering together Laughter Chatter Clinking of silverware on heirloom plates rarely used Toasts made with wine glasses filled with sparkles … Continue reading Filled With Thanksgiving


Change is good Change of pace, whether slowing down or speeding up Change of seasons, leafs, winds, activities Changing of the mind, routines, hearts Changing the furniture, bed sheets, wardrobe Changing careers, places, habits Habits and traditions can be good or bad, depending on the "why". Does she do that tradition just out of habit … Continue reading Change

Evening Chill

Silver, gold and pink taffy clouds thinly stretch across the sky Sun sinks slowly behind Chill of evening air refreshes Dusk settles across the horizon . Hummingbird chirps an evening greeting He flits and settles and flits again Chasing her around the sky Singing her a snappy love song Bursting with his last bit of … Continue reading Evening Chill

Dream Rooms

I dream of a room Bright happy walls Covered in painted flowers Large sturdy tables and easels Covered in splatters of paint and glue Shelves filled with all the supplies we need or want Creativity flows like paint poured on a new canvas Found things are made into new things I dream of a room … Continue reading Dream Rooms