Northwest November

It’s that time of year * Rivers rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the earth with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the sky with slate and gray and white and black Swirling and twirling Chasing one other across the horizon Fighting to envelope the … Continue reading Northwest November

Psalm of Creation

“The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side. His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles. The mountains melt like wax … Continue reading Psalm of Creation

November Storm

After the dark dreary downpour the world brightens Clouds hang dark and low over the islands Creating shadows and mystery Sunlight pours through the cracked sky Bathing the gray harbor waters in silver The air is crisp and fresh with a hint of snow wafting somewhere in the breeze High tide pours over the edge … Continue reading November Storm

October Sky

First storm of October Whipping up out of the south Pushing piles of clouds north creating space for heavier and darker clouds, quickly rearranging the skyscape over and over, pelting sideward rain. Howling and whistling and tossing the leaves like fall colored confetti. And when it's rage is spent October rests with gentle breezes over … Continue reading October Sky

Autumn Grace

The sun is slower to rise and quicker to set as October takes a strong hold on autumn, leaving the Indian summer in its memories Rainfall in the night freshens everything, leaving the grass and lingering flowers damp and the stillness in the air clean and moist. Giant cumulus clouds gather like storybook illustrations, filling … Continue reading Autumn Grace


There's that lull between the sun sinking and the glow of the sunset that's filled with anticipation of the majesty about to fill the sky. It's when the sky goes pale and a brightness slowly lights behind the clouds and you just know it's gonna be glorious. I raced across town as the sun was … Continue reading Subtlety

If Autumn Was A Housewife

If Autumn Was A Housewife 🍁 She would wring the dark gray clouds like a mop Into a bucket called the sea And swirl them around to make waves and ripples to clean the shore 🍁 She would turn on her vacuum at full speed Into the maple tree Turn it in reverse And spin … Continue reading If Autumn Was A Housewife

Giant Blue Poet

If giant blue heron Wrote poetry at the bay - Perched atop century-old pilings Pondering - Across calm silver ripples toward mountain shaped islands Gazing - Calls of seagulls and ducks, crows and engines of fishing boats Listening - Sailboat jibs in the harbor Swaying - Salty gentle breezes Inhaling - Small burst of sunshine … Continue reading Giant Blue Poet

Evening Chill

Silver, gold and pink taffy clouds thinly stretch across the sky Sun sinks slowly behind Chill of evening air refreshes Dusk settles across the horizon . Hummingbird chirps an evening greeting He flits and settles and flits again Chasing her around the sky Singing her a snappy love song Bursting with his last bit of … Continue reading Evening Chill