On The Market

Multiple Listing Service realtor agreement signed Cleaning ladies did their best Sisters worked like Hercules to clear the last of the "stuff" - remnants of a life The listing posted and a bittersweet flood washed over me. As usual I have two roles in this whole business. On one hand I am called The Estate … Continue reading On The Market

The Estate –

So "The Estate" cracks me up. According to The Will, "The residue" of The Estate is to be divided into four even parts. Isn't that such a funny visual? He gets 1/4 the residue. I get 1/4 the residue. They each get 1/4 the residue. I used to tell her leaving me in charge of … Continue reading The Estate –

And then what happened?

Normal returns A solid week of grieving Clinging to ideal memories Visualizing complete and perfect healing Sharing words of comfort, wisdom, hopes, and fears Laughing and crying til there are no more tears A shiny pink casket A brilliant sunny day highlighted in gold, red, and orange Autumn leaves A song, a speech, a memory … Continue reading And then what happened?