Northwest November

It’s that time of year * Rivers rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the earth with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the sky with slate and gray and white and black Swirling and twirling Chasing one other across the horizon Fighting to envelope the … Continue reading Northwest November


The sky remains darkened late into morning, anticipating the inevitable - A slow burn begins to lighten everything in palest pink - Outlines gradually appear dark against the eastern edge of the foothills - Shadows of trees begin their long morning stretch Lengthening the imprint of their branches along the frosty ground - Pink mixes … Continue reading Slowly

October Storm

A light fuzzy blanket of fog wrapped around invisible islands, soothing them from the stormy bay. - Raging gray waves tipped in white whipped foam with the muted edge of the sea indistinguishable from the edge of the sky. - Blustering bursts of heavy winds whip up a swirl of leaves and limbs dancing and … Continue reading October Storm

Evening Chill

Silver, gold and pink taffy clouds thinly stretch across the sky Sun sinks slowly behind Chill of evening air refreshes Dusk settles across the horizon . Hummingbird chirps an evening greeting He flits and settles and flits again Chasing her around the sky Singing her a snappy love song Bursting with his last bit of … Continue reading Evening Chill

Heron Sunset

Blue heron rises to join her mate Along the rocky shoreline Into the disc of setting sun Melting into swirls of pink tinted clouds Above smoky blue islands A bright streak of red and orange and yellow Shimmers across the calm gray salty water


Variety of ropes and floats surrounded by innumerable items line the harbor stalls, painting a picture in colors and textures of a fisherman's life.  Various boats and ships and yachts surrounded by docks and flowers and innumerable items, painting a picture in colors and textures of a sailors life.  Myriad of sunset hues surrounds the … Continue reading Surrounded

Scenic Skagit Evening 

Crumbling barn windows filled with remnants of fading sunlight  Miles of farmland create an intricate patchwork quilt of furrowed and fallow fields surrounding ripening crops of potatoes and kale, carrots and acres of golden crowned corn.  Lemon slice moon hangs high over a pastel spumoni sunset sky, bathing the valley in a breathtaking array of … Continue reading Scenic Skagit Evening 

Sunrise Sunset 

Darkness fades into the brightened eastern sky as sunlight returns to bring another cloudless day. First chirps break Stillness of morning and hummingbird dancers begin their warmup. Stretching and twirling in the coolness then resting again in anticipation of another day spent flitting and racing through the trees, between the houses and up over roofs … Continue reading Sunrise Sunset