Music of Spring

Finch plays her piccolo Flicker on percussion Robins join in soprano trills Hummingbird with her metronome Bees buzz in perfect harmony Sparrows round out the symphony in melodious notes Tones and tunes in perfect pitch Notes and measures played on queue All in praise of their maestro, conductor, creator The music of spring returns Pulling … Continue reading Music of Spring


Pristine blue Razor sharp crisp wind gusts Down the Fraser Valley Between the hilltops and catching the frozen mountaintops to blast the backyard chorus Blue jay squawking in the elderberry Hummingbird clicking from the top branch of the naked oak tree Sparrows flitting from feeder to bush and back again Choir of bird voices Singing … Continue reading Preparation

Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird

Perched in the bare branches Hummingbird surveys his territory Singing of days gone by when nectar was plentiful and sun reflected beauty in the garden He watches the squirrel gather her acorns from the nearly bare oak tree then run across the top of the fence to her hiding place He sees the scattered leaves … Continue reading Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird

Autumn Grace

The sun is slower to rise and quicker to set as October takes a strong hold on autumn, leaving the Indian summer in its memories Rainfall in the night freshens everything, leaving the grass and lingering flowers damp and the stillness in the air clean and moist. Giant cumulus clouds gather like storybook illustrations, filling … Continue reading Autumn Grace


Golden sun raises an eye in the pale faced sky with its cloud shaped cheeks tinged in a blush of pink sunrise. . Morning stillness, coolness, dampness . Little hummingbird shoots straight up like a rocket-- he hovers for a moment before diving straight back down-- putting on the brakes to hover again. He gives … Continue reading Morning

Evening Chill

Silver, gold and pink taffy clouds thinly stretch across the sky Sun sinks slowly behind Chill of evening air refreshes Dusk settles across the horizon . Hummingbird chirps an evening greeting He flits and settles and flits again Chasing her around the sky Singing her a snappy love song Bursting with his last bit of … Continue reading Evening Chill

Playground Birds

Little sparrows use the elderberry bush for a jungle gym, hopping from branch to branch, sassing one another --my turn, my turn! Little hummingbirds race around their imaginary track flying at top speed in a never ending chase, showing off and calling out to one another, catch me if you can! Little robin all alone … Continue reading Playground Birds

Hummingbird Conference

Code talker hummingbird speaks his mind insistently reporting and repeating and retorting to the others what's on his morning mind.  Then quietly he sits on his favored dead branch high above the garden before starting a new monologue   He watches his mate hover and dip in the lavender bush, trying to get the most … Continue reading Hummingbird Conference

Birds and Bees

Morning  Sapphire dragon flies join the dance of the hummingbirds quickly turning and twirling and kissing the flowers.  Intoxicating sweet lavender and crocosmia nectar on their tongues allows an uninhibited show of delightful flight.  Hovering  overhead in a call for attention to their impassioned dance through the trees and flowers and into the clear blue … Continue reading Birds and Bees