Glorious Sunset Moonrise

The shoreline is quickly crowded with viewers rushing toward a dazzling sunset Cameras snapping over and over as others sit quietly basking in the glow of red, orange, and yellow streaks across the sky There is a holiness to the hush as the sun dips into the sea and as if on a pulley, the … Continue reading Glorious Sunset Moonrise

Pondering Infinity

How many words have been written How many more still to write How many thoughts and ideas have poured from our hearts and minds How many more to be thought How many colors, from subtle to brilliant to magnificent have the eyes seen How many patterns and shapes and textures experienced by fingertips and sight … Continue reading Pondering Infinity

My Heart

Brilliant blue sky Clear cloudless September morning Today, now, then World shaken Devastation Turmoil and questions My heart Today, now, then Search, recover, rebuild Defiance, strength, faith Tears, fears, hopes, dreams Shattered, lost, dazed and confused My heart Today, now, then New York, Washington DC, Pennsylvania Texas, Florida United States, The World My heart Today, … Continue reading My Heart

Finite Infinite

Moment Breath Heartbeat Time Darkness Pain Childhood Bittersweet and finite Life's moments In then out each respiration One breath Slow and steady or racing and erratic Each heartbeat Ticking off the seconds Forward into time Absence of light Pitch dark A scale of one to ten How bad is the pain? Longing to grow up, … Continue reading Finite Infinite