Pristine blue Razor sharp crisp wind gusts Down the Fraser Valley Between the hilltops and catching the frozen mountaintops to blast the backyard chorus Blue jay squawking in the elderberry Hummingbird clicking from the top branch of the naked oak tree Sparrows flitting from feeder to bush and back again Choir of bird voices Singing … Continue reading Preparation

Nature Holds Its Breath

That time in the morning Before anyone awakes Before the birds begin their daily song A hush A holding of nature’s breath A total stillness A lingering Creation exhales Ever so slightly The sky begins its transition from full darkness A gradient of deepest blue just starts to fade into the next shade of morning … Continue reading Nature Holds Its Breath

Party Time!

Sun rises ever so slowly into palest blue sky with edges tinged in pink - October threw a wild party in the night - Flower petal snowflakes and Maple leaf confetti strewn all around the carpet of green lawn - Daisies wilted to half mast - Hummingbirds chatter across the way and insist on sipping … Continue reading Party Time!


Golden sun raises an eye in the pale faced sky with its cloud shaped cheeks tinged in a blush of pink sunrise. . Morning stillness, coolness, dampness . Little hummingbird shoots straight up like a rocket-- he hovers for a moment before diving straight back down-- putting on the brakes to hover again. He gives … Continue reading Morning

Shifting Winds

Shifting winds fill the golden valley with Diamond Creek forest fire smoke and cools the heat of summer to the crispness of autumn Shifting winds allow a solitary hawk an effortless glide high above the treetops, silently watching the world below for his next conquest Shifting winds swirl her golden hair across her face then … Continue reading Shifting Winds


Sacred cathedral Back yard sanctuary Pondering bench Long shaded trails Harbourside walks Places of my heart Creation sings and buzzes  Hovers and flies and soars Bursts with colors  Intricate patterns and textures Beauty fills my senses  Morning worship Evening praise

Hummingbird Conference

Code talker hummingbird speaks his mind insistently reporting and repeating and retorting to the others what's on his morning mind.  Then quietly he sits on his favored dead branch high above the garden before starting a new monologue   He watches his mate hover and dip in the lavender bush, trying to get the most … Continue reading Hummingbird Conference


Darkness fades a little slower Sun and birds rise a little later Coolness of morning lingers a little longer Dampness of a dewy night hangs a little heavier Summer has turned its head ever so slightly toward autumn Yet the sun rises to its place high above Birds awake and their song and dance overtakes … Continue reading Transitions 


Silently and slowly sunrise presses upward Awakening morning Revealing a new day moment by moment  Gradients of pink and lavender clouds changing hues  Silence is broken by wings and voices of early birds  Stillness of morning gives way to gentle breezes  Coolness of the night recedes into warm sunshine  Awakening 

Morning Visitors 

Cool morning breeze lifts the wings of a solitary hawk. On the hunt he flies and suddenly rolls to his left then upright again then rolls left once more as he calls out to his prey and disappears into the horizon never to return.  Hummingbird flits from branch to branch calling out to his friends … Continue reading Morning Visitors