Morning in Leavenworth

Bright face of sunshine rises above Hues of pine, spruce, and fir against Cerulean sky backdrop Lazy, shallow, dark currents of river caress boulders and ripple over pebbles Meandering toward the sea in no hurry to leave this place of rich beauty Flocks of birds call out musical notes Trills like flutes and squawks in … Continue reading Morning in Leavenworth

Music of Spring

Finch plays her piccolo Flicker on percussion Robins join in soprano trills Hummingbird with her metronome Bees buzz in perfect harmony Sparrows round out the symphony in melodious notes Tones and tunes in perfect pitch Notes and measures played on queue All in praise of their maestro, conductor, creator The music of spring returns Pulling … Continue reading Music of Spring

Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird

Perched in the bare branches Hummingbird surveys his territory Singing of days gone by when nectar was plentiful and sun reflected beauty in the garden He watches the squirrel gather her acorns from the nearly bare oak tree then run across the top of the fence to her hiding place He sees the scattered leaves … Continue reading Autumn Musings of a Hummingbird


Morning filled with sounds of a dozen kind of wings Birds, bees, dragonflies, butterflies Translucent, blue, red-breasted, feathered Fluttering, flying, flapping, hovering Buzzing, humming, swooping, darting Going about their morning rituals Gathering food, fodder, nectar Before the heat of day Sends them to rest, nest, roost Quietly til evening

Sunday Morning Refresh 

She stayed up late and slept in Sunday morning, waking up refreshed and renewed, unlike most days when it's late to bed and early to rise to rush off to work.  Sunday paper on the front lawn filled with the latest news of hurricanes and hope for poor people building homes and arguments about tributes … Continue reading Sunday Morning Refresh 

Morning Visitors 

Cool morning breeze lifts the wings of a solitary hawk. On the hunt he flies and suddenly rolls to his left then upright again then rolls left once more as he calls out to his prey and disappears into the horizon never to return.  Hummingbird flits from branch to branch calling out to his friends … Continue reading Morning Visitors 

Morning Calls

Creation breathes life into a new morning with gentle breezes. Tree tops sway lifting arms of praise stretching toward the sky.  A flock of ducks form various shapes in their synchronized flight toward a new day of ever changing scenes. High above the ground they fly in formation performing their perfected routine.  Hummingbird announces his … Continue reading Morning Calls

Nature’s Symphony 

Dappled light of sunrise changes shadows to shimmers on the gently swaying leaves. A hummingbird flits from branch to branch playing his staccato notes of joy like a percussion instrument in natures symphony. The flutes of the songbirds join in with soprano and the crow plays baritone. A red breasted robin suddenly appears on stage … Continue reading Nature’s Symphony 

Morning Life of Birds

Shadows receding over dew drenched fields. Thick coolness of the morning filled with loud chatter of sparrows. Pristine blue cloudless sky welcomes the brightness of the sunrise. Honeybees tasting lavender flavored nectar and daisies complete their grand opening for a first taste of sunshine.  The sparrow takes leave of his elderberry tower, quickly replaced by … Continue reading Morning Life of Birds