Mid February Beauty

Richness of crystal blue sky Paled by feathered clouds Hazy across gray blue olympics layered behind islands of the San Juan’s Subtle ripples form in the stillness of placid salt water bay Interrupted by coast guard waves and frigid breezes wafting crisp refreshment Tentative sea gulls edging closer to people who may throw a scrap … Continue reading Mid February Beauty


Winter turned her face away Glimpses of spring fill her momentary absence Ominous dark clouds give way Glimpses of rainbow sky promising beauty in the storm Enticing the mind to forget that weeks of winter remain First sprouts of hyacinth bulbs burst from the soggy soil And daffodil leaves begin to form in anticipation A … Continue reading Glimpses

Island Winter

Lush green canopy Spruce, fir and cedar Raindrops pouring Deep green valley Rolling fields and dense forests Gray dreary skies Deep gray ocean Contrasting red Madrona bark Following the monotone shoreline Ferries skimming over the rippled tide Seagulls soaring and swooping Foghorns announcing arrivals Soothing sights and sounds Rainy winter day in the islands ©Belindabotzong2017


Pristine blue Razor sharp crisp wind gusts Down the Fraser Valley Between the hilltops and catching the frozen mountaintops to blast the backyard chorus Blue jay squawking in the elderberry Hummingbird clicking from the top branch of the naked oak tree Sparrows flitting from feeder to bush and back again Choir of bird voices Singing … Continue reading Preparation


Pristine Crisp Radiant Perfection Brilliance Winter skies Lingering moonlight Glorious sunrise ascends Crisp Frozen mornings after cloudless night Indescribable Brilliant blue Pristine Mountaintops buried in Brilliant white Hilltops dusted in powdery snow Sunshine radiant, brilliant, bright Setting into perfect arrays of orange-pink-gold Brilliant December ©Belindabotzong2017

Awaiting Christmas

Houses lit with colored lights Sky filled with abundant twinkles Cold crisp wintery nights Branches of cedar draped over banisters Ribbons and bows in red, silver and white Homes filled with fragrant scents of cinnamon and spice and pine Trees brought indoors to cover in ornaments bright Shiny and sparkling and shimmering Packages and stockings … Continue reading Awaiting Christmas