Sanity Returns

Muddled vision blurred by irrational thoughts and ideas replaced with sparkling Clarity The gears slow to an even rhythm The whirring and whizzing of rapidly changing thoughts reach a steady state Rapid fire words and reactions and emotions ride an even keel of tempered conversations and deep thought Images and frequencies normalize into reality Like … Continue reading Sanity Returns


Refreshed Fresh inspiration pours down like rain through beauty in the forces and tranquility of creation and nature. Renewed New peace fills my spirit. I find solitude and serenity in a restful place. Blissful and blessed. Restored Stored memories then and now. Reminiscing. Sharing our past and creating new adventures. Rested body, mind, spirit. Reconnected … Continue reading Return

Morning Visitors 

Cool morning breeze lifts the wings of a solitary hawk. On the hunt he flies and suddenly rolls to his left then upright again then rolls left once more as he calls out to his prey and disappears into the horizon never to return.  Hummingbird flits from branch to branch calling out to his friends … Continue reading Morning Visitors