Mid February Beauty

Richness of crystal blue sky Paled by feathered clouds Hazy across gray blue olympics layered behind islands of the San Juan’s Subtle ripples form in the stillness of placid salt water bay Interrupted by coast guard waves and frigid breezes wafting crisp refreshment Tentative sea gulls edging closer to people who may throw a scrap … Continue reading Mid February Beauty

He Gull She Gull Romance

He Gull swoops and soars  She Gull dips and glides Along the shore they ride the wind like waves in the sea below He Gull chuckles and chortles as he swoops and soars She Gull sings and cries in her high pitched whistle as she dips and glides  They call out to each other as … Continue reading He Gull She Gull Romance

Harbor Gulls

A flotilla of Canada geese ride the tide like buoys buffeted by wind and wave. They reach a waterfall of hose water with Seagulls screaming over the heads of fishermen cleaning the dock. One gull walks along the rail of a stairway while another is chased by the heckle of The ever bossy Crow. The … Continue reading Harbor Gulls

Lovers in Watercolor 

Fingernail moon tinged in pink hangs high over the bay and bids the setting sun farewell. Heavy breezes lift and release splashing waves. Watercolor strokes paint billowing sails on a backdrop of blue hued islands etched into the horizon.  Two gulls tango over deep slate colored tides rolling into the harbor. A red sailboat with … Continue reading Lovers in Watercolor