Glorious Sunset Moonrise

The shoreline is quickly crowded with viewers rushing toward a dazzling sunset Cameras snapping over and over as others sit quietly basking in the glow of red, orange, and yellow streaks across the sky There is a holiness to the hush as the sun dips into the sea and as if on a pulley, the … Continue reading Glorious Sunset Moonrise

Lazy Summer Evening

Respite from the blistering heat of another summer day where everything moves slowly, even the sun as it lingers on the horizon before it melts into the edge of the sea. High tide laps lazily against the boulders and Slate blue waves ripple in the sunset shimmer The schooner Zodiac plies slowly along in the … Continue reading Lazy Summer Evening


Setting sun lays its weary head Upon rose-gold pillows Evening winds blow and whistle Rustling its red-gold maple leaf instruments Thin black veil of rain-filled clouds Whisk past a yellow-gold slice of moon September ends in rose-red-yellow-golden sunsets ©belindabotzong2017

In My Rearview Mirror

Driving east at sunset. . Tides recede. Mist retreats. . Windows rolled down. . Inhale freshly hayed fields, cool crispy cucumber wafting, pungent peas and corn harvest wafting on the breeze. . Fills my soul. . Dusk graces the islands, the water, the sky. Palest to richest to deepest then lightest hues of blue. . … Continue reading In My Rearview Mirror

Evening Chill

Silver, gold and pink taffy clouds thinly stretch across the sky Sun sinks slowly behind Chill of evening air refreshes Dusk settles across the horizon . Hummingbird chirps an evening greeting He flits and settles and flits again Chasing her around the sky Singing her a snappy love song Bursting with his last bit of … Continue reading Evening Chill

Heron Sunset

Blue heron rises to join her mate Along the rocky shoreline Into the disc of setting sun Melting into swirls of pink tinted clouds Above smoky blue islands A bright streak of red and orange and yellow Shimmers across the calm gray salty water


Lingering light in the western sky Remnants of a sun drenched day A twinkle appears then dozens Big Dipper suddenly arrives As the twilight sky darkens Heat of the day subsides Surrendering to evening breezes Deepest blue sparkling blanket Nearly full moon rises Lighting the eastern sky Twilight


Variety of ropes and floats surrounded by innumerable items line the harbor stalls, painting a picture in colors and textures of a fisherman's life.  Various boats and ships and yachts surrounded by docks and flowers and innumerable items, painting a picture in colors and textures of a sailors life.  Myriad of sunset hues surrounds the … Continue reading Surrounded