Sunrise Artist

With the sky as his canvas He holds a palette of light and moist vapors in the crook of his right elbow He uses his breath to pour out subtle hues on the edges of clouds formed by his left hand He strokes the sun to ever so slowly lift its light and he calls … Continue reading Sunrise Artist


The sky remains darkened late into morning, anticipating the inevitable - A slow burn begins to lighten everything in palest pink - Outlines gradually appear dark against the eastern edge of the foothills - Shadows of trees begin their long morning stretch Lengthening the imprint of their branches along the frosty ground - Pink mixes … Continue reading Slowly

Farewell October

Slowly it builds Molten golden sunrise Flames rising in the morning sky Casting its red and gold and crimson shades over the maples and cottonwoods and birch hanging with ornaments matching the color of the sunrise - Slowly it fades Shimmering golden blanket sunset Flames rising from the evening sky Casting its red and gold … Continue reading Farewell October

Party Time!

Sun rises ever so slowly into palest blue sky with edges tinged in pink - October threw a wild party in the night - Flower petal snowflakes and Maple leaf confetti strewn all around the carpet of green lawn - Daisies wilted to half mast - Hummingbirds chatter across the way and insist on sipping … Continue reading Party Time!

If Autumn Was An Artist

If Autumn Was An Artist - She would wear her corn silk hair in disarray and let it blow in the wind - She would be covered in fragrances of cedar and fresh cut firewood and flowers - If Autumn Was An Artist - She would hold a palette of acrylic paints in colors called … Continue reading If Autumn Was An Artist

Shifting Winds

Shifting winds fill the golden valley with Diamond Creek forest fire smoke and cools the heat of summer to the crispness of autumn Shifting winds allow a solitary hawk an effortless glide high above the treetops, silently watching the world below for his next conquest Shifting winds swirl her golden hair across her face then … Continue reading Shifting Winds


Silently and slowly sunrise presses upward Awakening morning Revealing a new day moment by moment  Gradients of pink and lavender clouds changing hues  Silence is broken by wings and voices of early birds  Stillness of morning gives way to gentle breezes  Coolness of the night recedes into warm sunshine  Awakening 

Morning Calls

Creation breathes life into a new morning with gentle breezes. Tree tops sway lifting arms of praise stretching toward the sky.  A flock of ducks form various shapes in their synchronized flight toward a new day of ever changing scenes. High above the ground they fly in formation performing their perfected routine.  Hummingbird announces his … Continue reading Morning Calls

Sunrise Sunset 

Darkness fades into the brightened eastern sky as sunlight returns to bring another cloudless day. First chirps break Stillness of morning and hummingbird dancers begin their warmup. Stretching and twirling in the coolness then resting again in anticipation of another day spent flitting and racing through the trees, between the houses and up over roofs … Continue reading Sunrise Sunset 

Morning Life of Birds

Shadows receding over dew drenched fields. Thick coolness of the morning filled with loud chatter of sparrows. Pristine blue cloudless sky welcomes the brightness of the sunrise. Honeybees tasting lavender flavored nectar and daisies complete their grand opening for a first taste of sunshine.  The sparrow takes leave of his elderberry tower, quickly replaced by … Continue reading Morning Life of Birds