Gold Medal Winter

Granite clouds drip golden honey sunbeams Sagging barn window fills with with liquid golden sunlight Slate islands form puzzle pieces on the horizon edged in golden ripples Bare poplar giants reach into the golden light as brisk winds blow across fields of untouched, pristine snow reflecting golden shimmers Winter pours out her heart in aching … Continue reading Gold Medal Winter


Pristine Crisp Radiant Perfection Brilliance Winter skies Lingering moonlight Glorious sunrise ascends Crisp Frozen mornings after cloudless night Indescribable Brilliant blue Pristine Mountaintops buried in Brilliant white Hilltops dusted in powdery snow Sunshine radiant, brilliant, bright Setting into perfect arrays of orange-pink-gold Brilliant December ©Belindabotzong2017

Skagit Flats Autumn and Sunset

Patchwork quilt of crops Fields of golden stubble and deep rich furrows Shorn of their heavy loads Entire valley bathed in iridescent golden light Shadows quickly stretching long then longer Ball of sun melting behind the islands Dripping into the bay Racing against time Clouds stretched like taffy across mountaintops Dramatically changing tints of rose … Continue reading Skagit Flats Autumn and Sunset

Farewell October

Slowly it builds Molten golden sunrise Flames rising in the morning sky Casting its red and gold and crimson shades over the maples and cottonwoods and birch hanging with ornaments matching the color of the sunrise - Slowly it fades Shimmering golden blanket sunset Flames rising from the evening sky Casting its red and gold … Continue reading Farewell October

Autumn Jewels

- Gold leaf necklaces Layered perfectly around the birch trunk - Matching set of dangling yellow gold hanging like earrings from its branches - Rustling in the breeze - Head covered in copper colored silk scarf clouds Dressed to dazzle Autumn bejeweled ©Belindabotzong2017


There's that lull between the sun sinking and the glow of the sunset that's filled with anticipation of the majesty about to fill the sky. It's when the sky goes pale and a brightness slowly lights behind the clouds and you just know it's gonna be glorious. I raced across town as the sun was … Continue reading Subtlety

Party Time!

Sun rises ever so slowly into palest blue sky with edges tinged in pink - October threw a wild party in the night - Flower petal snowflakes and Maple leaf confetti strewn all around the carpet of green lawn - Daisies wilted to half mast - Hummingbirds chatter across the way and insist on sipping … Continue reading Party Time!


Setting sun lays its weary head Upon rose-gold pillows Evening winds blow and whistle Rustling its red-gold maple leaf instruments Thin black veil of rain-filled clouds Whisk past a yellow-gold slice of moon September ends in rose-red-yellow-golden sunsets ©belindabotzong2017

If Autumn Was An Artist

If Autumn Was An Artist - She would wear her corn silk hair in disarray and let it blow in the wind - She would be covered in fragrances of cedar and fresh cut firewood and flowers - If Autumn Was An Artist - She would hold a palette of acrylic paints in colors called … Continue reading If Autumn Was An Artist