Day 10 -Israel 2018

Bittersweet freedom! Today we woke up without a schedule for the first time since we left home. A much needed break from the routine of hurrying through breakfast to get on the bus. Bittersweet as we lose our daily dose of Yonatan's teaching and the fellowship we've shared with the group. At breakfast today we … Continue reading Day 10 -Israel 2018

Day 8 – Israel 2018

O Little Town if Bethlehem How still we see thee lie.. Today was very interesting, humbling, educational and enlightening. Our world view is so easily shaped by the news, politicians, the internet, and prejudice. Today at least we can say that 35 Americans along with their brilliant and fearless Jewish guide were able to have … Continue reading Day 8 – Israel 2018

Day 6 cont. Israel 2018

After another generous buffet breakfast we headed out - me with a runny nose and beginnings of a cold. That's when it's good to be traveling with Savannah, who has tinctures and remedies! Double dosed on elderberry tincture and lozenges. We left the Sea of Galilee behind and headed to the River Jordan. Several people … Continue reading Day 6 cont. Israel 2018

Day 1 and 2- Israel Trip

The first two days are merged into a blurry singular long and exhausting trip! I left Bellingham at 6am on the shuttle. My seasick patch had not quite engaged apparently -- I got fairly queasy but managed to make it without creating a memory that involves me puking at some point. Most of my travel … Continue reading Day 1 and 2- Israel Trip