Pristine Crisp Radiant Perfection Brilliance Winter skies Lingering moonlight Glorious sunrise ascends Crisp Frozen mornings after cloudless night Indescribable Brilliant blue Pristine Mountaintops buried in Brilliant white Hilltops dusted in powdery snow Sunshine radiant, brilliant, bright Setting into perfect arrays of orange-pink-gold Brilliant December ©Belindabotzong2017

Awaiting Christmas

Houses lit with colored lights Sky filled with abundant twinkles Cold crisp wintery nights Branches of cedar draped over banisters Ribbons and bows in red, silver and white Homes filled with fragrant scents of cinnamon and spice and pine Trees brought indoors to cover in ornaments bright Shiny and sparkling and shimmering Packages and stockings … Continue reading Awaiting Christmas

December Transition

Winter windbreaker Raincoat layered over fleece Elements of autumn retreat Forces of winter advance Battling for a place on the calendar Bitter cold endless drizzle punctuated with icy flakes Indecisive December deceives with her sudden clear blue skies Inviting visitors on pleasant walks in the brief bursts of sunshine Poofy white billowy clouds pull the … Continue reading December Transition


It’s that time of year * Rivers of depression rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the mind with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the thoughts with slate and gray and white and black swirling twirling clouds Chasing one other around the mind Fighting a … Continue reading Seasonal

Northwest November

It’s that time of year * Rivers rise and flood over their banks Gray torrents of currents Raindrops pour down Colorless To fill the earth with puddles and mud * Clouds fill the sky with slate and gray and white and black Swirling and twirling Chasing one other across the horizon Fighting to envelope the … Continue reading Northwest November

Filled With Thanksgiving

Tastes and smells Herbs and spices Mixed with smooth and creamy Tart and sweet Crunchy and crumbling Golden and delicious Bellies filled with iconic food Sounds and sights Faces and voices From near and far Gathering together Laughter Chatter Clinking of silverware on heirloom plates rarely used Toasts made with wine glasses filled with sparkles … Continue reading Filled With Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Blessing

Thanksgiving blows in On the Pineapple Express Wind and rain from dark heavy clouds Pouring down and sideways Tropical warmth in mid November Then sun returns minutes later with light puffy cotton ball clouds Chasing each other across a brilliant blue sky in gale force winds Last remaining leaves flutter and dance Covering everything once … Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessing

Nature Holds Its Breath

That time in the morning Before anyone awakes Before the birds begin their daily song A hush A holding of nature’s breath A total stillness A lingering Creation exhales Ever so slightly The sky begins its transition from full darkness A gradient of deepest blue just starts to fade into the next shade of morning … Continue reading Nature Holds Its Breath


Dripping Dripping Dripping The world is soaked In liquid skies Pouring down Drenching the earth, the trees, the birds Everything Gray drips pouring from gray clouds Wind pushing clouds toward the north as they appear to rise up from the hilltops only to be dispersed quickly across the sky Hummingbirds and woodpeckers shake off the … Continue reading Dripping