On The Market

Multiple Listing Service realtor agreement signed Cleaning ladies did their best Sisters worked like Hercules to clear the last of the "stuff" - remnants of a life The listing posted and a bittersweet flood washed over me. As usual I have two roles in this whole business. On one hand I am called The Estate … Continue reading On The Market

The Estate –

So "The Estate" cracks me up. According to The Will, "The residue" of The Estate is to be divided into four even parts. Isn't that such a funny visual? He gets 1/4 the residue. I get 1/4 the residue. They each get 1/4 the residue. I used to tell her leaving me in charge of … Continue reading The Estate –

Moving Forward

I made it two days in a row with no tears. I even told my story twice with no tears. I think that's moving forward. Five weeks have passed since I sat by her bed at the hospital holding her hand. Today was a different day. Another day off work to handle the estate, as … Continue reading Moving Forward


I'm in recovery mode. Recovering from international travel. While I didn't suffer from jet lag, there is a return to "normal life" transition that has to take place as the gears get switched. From traveling daily with a large group of people, eating on a different schedule with different ingredients, and long days on a … Continue reading Recovery

Day 4 – Israel 2018

Sunny and high 70s After a huge buffet breakfast we took the bus along the Mediterranean coastline north to Caesaria - considered the center of early Christianity. From there we went to Mt Carmel where Elijah challenged the false prophets. We had lunch nearby --falafel pita, which we ate outside on picnic tables. From Mt … Continue reading Day 4 – Israel 2018

Day 3 — Israel 2018

We slept so good last night! No jet lag. No fuzzy brain! Went to an amazing breakfast buffet in our hotel. Piles and piles of food. Beautiful healthy food. Then we started walking. We walked a lot. It's our only free day til the ending. We walked through Tel Aviv to the mall then stopped … Continue reading Day 3 — Israel 2018

Day 1 and 2- Israel Trip

The first two days are merged into a blurry singular long and exhausting trip! I left Bellingham at 6am on the shuttle. My seasick patch had not quite engaged apparently -- I got fairly queasy but managed to make it without creating a memory that involves me puking at some point. Most of my travel … Continue reading Day 1 and 2- Israel Trip