Nostalgia Remembering the past Idealization of times gone by Days of old Bittersweet memories Nostalgia Childhood freedom Unrestrained laughter Swinging and hiding and seeking Discovery and dreams Nostalgia Longing for what never was Aching for a past never experienced In the way it’s remembered Reminiscing Leaving out the struggle Nostalgia Faded valentines Handwritten letters tied … Continue reading Nostalgia

Sanity Returns

Muddled vision blurred by irrational thoughts and ideas replaced with sparkling Clarity The gears slow to an even rhythm The whirring and whizzing of rapidly changing thoughts reach a steady state Rapid fire words and reactions and emotions ride an even keel of tempered conversations and deep thought Images and frequencies normalize into reality Like … Continue reading Sanity Returns


Winter turned her face away Glimpses of spring fill her momentary absence Ominous dark clouds give way Glimpses of rainbow sky promising beauty in the storm Enticing the mind to forget that weeks of winter remain First sprouts of hyacinth bulbs burst from the soggy soil And daffodil leaves begin to form in anticipation A … Continue reading Glimpses


Grief and loss tired So tired Weary to the bone Heavily burdened Heavy hearted Thoughts scattered Forget to breathe Worn out fatigue Insomnia tired ---- Healthy tired Worked hard Worked out Exhilaration subsiding tired Muscles tight and sore Sleep deep and restored --- Sleepy tired Too much food tired Heavy eyelids Foggy brain Need a … Continue reading Tired

Waiting For Sanity

Beep Click Voices — strained to cheery Rolling wheels — gurney, wheelchair Doors open then close then open again Medicinal soap A peanut on the floor under the brochure table Brochures about heart attack, stroke, visitor guidelines, a brief guide to involuntary hospitalization, AA Footsteps People coming and going, some hurried and frazzled. Others dragging … Continue reading Waiting For Sanity

Island Winter

Lush green canopy Spruce, fir and cedar Raindrops pouring Deep green valley Rolling fields and dense forests Gray dreary skies Deep gray ocean Contrasting red Madrona bark Following the monotone shoreline Ferries skimming over the rippled tide Seagulls soaring and swooping Foghorns announcing arrivals Soothing sights and sounds Rainy winter day in the islands ©Belindabotzong2017


Pristine blue Razor sharp crisp wind gusts Down the Fraser Valley Between the hilltops and catching the frozen mountaintops to blast the backyard chorus Blue jay squawking in the elderberry Hummingbird clicking from the top branch of the naked oak tree Sparrows flitting from feeder to bush and back again Choir of bird voices Singing … Continue reading Preparation