Seasonal Nursery Rhyme

Ring around a rosy moon Pockets full of mittened hands Twilight sky in hues of blackened blues Cold breath creating vapor clouds that drift in the crisp breeze, freezing tear-cicles in my eyes Twinkles of little starlight dance amongst the parted skies revealing remnants of snowmen fading into lawns surrounded by buds longing to burst … Continue reading Seasonal Nursery Rhyme

Recipe for September Evening

Ingredients: 1/2 moon One billion glistening stars One infinite midnight blue sky A dash of apple, damp leaves, and evergreen extract A pinch of cinnamon to taste - Tools: A Big Dipper A Little Dipper - Directions: Stir gently with a cool breeze Sprinkle with rustling leaves in shades of red, gold, and green - … Continue reading Recipe for September Evening

Big Blue Bowls

Big blue bowl Edged in faintest gold and palest pink Sprinkled with glitter Filled with spheres and globes . Big blue bowl Edged in sand and stone and foam Sprinkled with diamonds Filled with fish and whales . Dangling golden night light Held by strands of heavenly string Above, beneath Big blue bowls of sky … Continue reading Big Blue Bowls


Lingering light in the western sky Remnants of a sun drenched day A twinkle appears then dozens Big Dipper suddenly arrives As the twilight sky darkens Heat of the day subsides Surrendering to evening breezes Deepest blue sparkling blanket Nearly full moon rises Lighting the eastern sky Twilight


Dazzled by infinite diamonds My breath is taken Full of wonder My neck grows weary of gazing upward At the plush black velvet moonless backdrop Sky envelopes Starry night Awed by infinite crystals My breath is taken Full of wonder My eyes never grow tired of gazing at the brightest white Sky meets the edge … Continue reading Dazzled 


Falling Sun reflects upon the sea  spreads its fading light Casting shadows  across the hills and islands and valleys  marking the passing of time  Rising Moon reflects the fallen sun  spreads its bright light across the galaxies and constellations  through time and space My mind reflects upon the thoughts that swirl Same sun Same moon … Continue reading Reflections

Starlight Delight

Infinite diamonds spread across a black velvet galaxy-- Sparkling, twinkling, glittering jewels in creation's exhibition. Shooting stars streak across the Big Dipper in an unexpected meteor shower over the moonless endless sky and vast blue Pacific Ocean. Feeling small and finite and insignificant in the infinite vastness of breathtaking beauty. Knowing the one who flung … Continue reading Starlight Delight